This is my personality disorder! Isn’t this great! I am Miss Piggy! Now all I need to do is find my Kermit! Dramatic and over the top, you crave attention. And you’ll do anything it takes to get noticed. You love to be seductive, even when it’s inappropriate. If you’re ignored, you’re easily hurt … […]

so not much to say about today except for the fact that I was INCREDIBLY lazy! I had a ton of things I was going to do today, like workout, read my Bible, study, clean my room, and I got NONE of them done. The only thing I really accomplished was sleeping for about 15 […]

so, sorry that I have kept all ya’ll, my fans, waiting. I know ya’ll have been anxiously checking my xanga site everyday for a new post, wondering what amazing thing would I discover today or what humorous anecdote I would have for ya’ll. I apologize to any of you that suffered any serious withdrawals from my absence, […]

so today was a rough day.  First, I thought I needed to be on campus at 10 for a psyc experiment that I signed up for. Anyway, I got out of my Kines class at 9:20. I ran home, took a shower, and got out of the shower at 9:50. anyway, I WAS going to […]

THIS IS AN FYI FOR ANY GUY THAT SAW I HAVE A COLLEGE FUND AND THOUGHT “WOW, A GIRL WITH MONEY . . . ” 1st of all, it is just a college fund, so really not that much money. 2nd, even if I have any left over after I graduate from school, I plan […]

so I am officially flipping out. Being the procrastinator that I am, I am only just now starting on my taxes. Now, you may say, “oh Amy, taxes are not that difficult!” But that is not the case, because last year my parents turned my college fund over to me, and now I have to […]

let me first start off by clarifying “bagging an engineer.” (This is for all of you that don’t really know me.) # 1, I love boys; I always have. Let me give you some background . . . When I was in 5th grade, my mom went to school for a parent/teacher conference. The teacher […]

so I am not going to start this when off by describing my day, because it was kinda boring. I went to work, and school. Instead of boring you with my daily duties, I want to share with you some of my important ponderings of the day . . . FIRST, blockbuster is officially an idiot, […]

ahh . . day three into this new journey of blogging . .well today was a great day. I did well on a test (89), I did not have to work as much as I planned because my tutoring student cancelled, I finally went to wal-mart and bought food; OOH, and I finally picked up […]

well,  I am sitting here at work (which is obviously a great place to write in your blog), and I am very, very bored. Today has not been that interesting. I woke up, did some laundry, cleaned my kitchen (yeah for Amy!), and watched some VH1. Amazingly while watching VH1 I learned something new that I […]