so the site is still down and still can’t post my pic.  hopefully tomorrow. as usual, I got drama . . . my air conditioning is out (it may not be as hot as it is in Louisiana, but it is still too hot to be without A/C) AND I am moving out of my […]

so is everyone feeling the tension . . . dying to know if I got a tattoo? *evil grin* DRUM ROLL PLEASE! . . . . yep, I got a tattoo. (I am not really sure what smiley I should put so I am going to put a couple.) This is for Becky.  This is […]

I think I am going to write an epic poem about me and BankOne . . . so I called my work to have them put a stop on my check that I sent off to some address that BankOne as never heard of (look at Monday’s post if you don’t know what I am […]

the saga continues . . . so last week I got this address from my friend that I am suppose to send my checks to for them to be deposited. Supposedly it is a Chase Bank that has been set up to deposit checks for BankOne customers; notice the SUPPOSEDLY (this is called foreshadowing). Anyway, […]

so I don’t have much time and I am going to try and keep this brief (which will be an amazing feat for me and for this I expect many responses to my post, which is something that has been lacking as of yet. After I “yelled” AKA “typed in bold print” at ya’ll 3 weeks ago, my comments […]

so Thank you to ALL of ya’ll that came to my rescue in my crisis about Brad and Jenn (FYI: NOBODY called me, so I am being sarcastic.) I did finally buy People because I couldn’t wait any longer, and a funny thing happen when I bought my magazine. Angelina’s face is on the front of […]

Ok, maybe now I tell all my stories . . . well maybe not all of them, but most of them . . . because I got back into the NYU library! YEAH for Amy!  I am not really sure why but my card is working again ( For those of you that don’t remember. […]

so today I have ALOT on the agenda . . . I need to talk about my crazy apt shopping experience, the scary lady in the elevator, my confusion with the need for proof of birth and my observation about walking on the streets of NYC. (I am really making a list for my sake, […]