so I am finally back in Big Ol’ Baton Rouge, where I tell you . . . NOTHING IS HAPPENING! and it is SO Freakin’ HOT! I forgot what hot was. Those of you in New York, consider yourself lucky, and next summer, during your “heat wave” when ya’ll are all complaining about “heat”, I am […]

So, it is count down time . . . 11 days to go! All my Louisiana friends, you will be happy to know that I AM coming home; I just bought my ticket home.  I will be arriving in N.O. at 11:30 pm on the 20th. If anyone would like to join Angelique in picking […]

so I finally made it to the internet! YEAH FOR ME! I also found me a pretty nice place to live. Double Yeah for me! It isn’t free, but at least I can wear clothes! Triple Yeah! (ok, so this is getting annoying.) So my new place . . . it is in Brooklyn. It is about an […]