so I finally made it to the internet! YEAH FOR ME! I also found me a pretty nice place to live. Double Yeah for me! It isn’t free, but at least I can wear clothes! Triple Yeah! (ok, so this is getting annoying.)

So my new place . . . it is in Brooklyn. It is about an hour commute, which SUCKS! but it is in a REALLY good neighborhood! (Although, at first I wasn’t really sure.) So on Saturday, I went to drop off my first load of stuff (it is amazing. I came to NYC with 3 bags, but for some reason I could not move all my stuff in 3 bags . . .). Anyway, I had gone to Connecticut on Saturday to see Patrice, so I didn’t leave for my new place until around 10:30ish, which put me at my new place 12ish (trains were running slow). Anyway, so when my friends and I were ready to go back into Manhattan, the buses were running every 1/2 hour (to get to my place, you go to the last stop on the 5 train, and then the last stop on the B41 bus), so my friend, my WHITE girlfriend, and I decided we would walk it. (FYI: this is the middle of brooklyn AFTER midnight! and we had a 1.5 mile walk!) needless to say, after was all said and done, I was really concerned that I would not be able to live there. (we had a guy actually stop his car to look and yell at us!) But on Sunday I went out exploring in my neighborhood and I saw lots a white people (and a REALLY good looking young white boy, that is when I knew I could live there!)

so my tummy is yelling at me, but I will try to post again in the next couple of days.

oh, and I was finally able to post a pic of me and my tattoo artist. Next time, I will post a pic of the tattoo, b/c some of ya’ll are unbelievers . . .

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  1. Hey! So…..the post sounds a little bit racist??!?!?! When are you coming home?Miss you & I need a friend to go to the flea market!

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