So, it is count down time . . . 11 days to go! All my Louisiana friends, you will be happy to know that I AM coming home; I just bought my ticket home.  I will be arriving in N.O. at 11:30 pm on the 20th. If anyone would like to join Angelique in picking me up from the airport, it would be nice! Although, ya’ll will need to find an SUV because Wendi and Shana are coming to pick me up too. [Shana, did you know you are coming to pick me up?  ] All my New York friends, I will be very sad to leave you, but I am going home! I miss Harold and Sylvia! and I am sure they are in need of some Amy-lovin!

So let me think what I have been up to . . . I am trying to do everything I need to do before I go home. I need to go to a couple more museams and make it out to the Bronxs (that will be the last bourough I need to go to). I also need to go to a Yankee’s game, the UN, Harlem and the Brooklyn Botatical Garden. I also need to go to the top of the Empire State Building and see RENT and Mama Mia. Man I got alot to do! I guess that is good because I then I won’t have time to think about home, because I am officially homesick!  OH WAIT, I was suppose to tell ya’ll what I have DONE, not what I need to do!

So, once again, what have I been up to . . . well I was going to get alot of things done this weekend, but things never go as planned . . . On Friday, I was going to go on a bike tour of Central Park, but it rained, and I ended up watching ALOT of Friends! On Saturday, I was going to go to the Brooklyn Museam, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and Natural History Museam, but I slept in and only did the Natural History Museam (which I must say was really boring, but that is because I forgot I don’t really like science! ) Then on Sunday, I was going to go play Basketball in the Bronxs and then go to the Met (Metropolitan Museam of Modern Art), but I slept in and then I ended up chasing a friend around Manhattan trying to return her key! On Sunday, I literately rode almost EVERY train in Manhattan. I rode the 2,3; the 5,6; the S; the N,R,W; and the B,Q. So, the only one I didn’t ride was the A,C and the J;Z. AMAZING!  Absolutely amazing!  I should add that to my things I want to do; ride every subway line in one day! now that is something most people can’t say they have done!

Anyway, I would also like to apologize to anyone I offended with my last post. I did not mean to come off racist. I was trying to say, at first, I thought my neighborhood was the ghetto (which scares young girls like me, esp because I often come home around midnight, and I have to walk on the streets). I only highlighted the fact that my friend was white, because I wanted people to realize that we stuck out! Anyway, I hope ya’ll know that I am not at all racist, and if I offended you, please forgive me.

So finally, what you have all been waiting for . . . a pic of the tattoo! so it was suppose to be a chinese symbol that meant “to be different”, which I thought was a good description of me. But it ended up, that it is a chinese symbol that means “rebellious”, take what you want from it . . . I am pretty sure I am going to get mixed responses from ya’ll!

P.S. sorry it isn’t that great of a pic. for some reason we had a hard time getting a good pic of it. BTW it is located right below my waist line on the right side (I know the pic looks like a butt check, so I just wanted to clarify ). I wanted to get it low enough that you can’t see it when I bend over.

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  1. Well, first off, ok, so my weekend wasn’t same as usual… in fact I have watched many more episodes of friends than usual, and well… let’s not forget staying up, and not having any sleep.Secondly, the B train does not run on the Sunday, so there was no way you could hace been on it.And finally, I don’t think you are rebellious, maybe a little different, but I always have that inpact on the people I meet.

  2. OMG finally the pic that I spent grueling hours trying to take for her….lol…I MISS MY AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait for u to come home…love u chica

  3. You missed the G line that runs between Brooklyn and Queens. 
    Sorry I couldn’t come with you last night, did you end up going?  We GOTTA go see Mama Mia!!!!

  4. For the record: I don’t think you’re racist….just thought the post came off that way so I thought you would want to clarify!Yeah! you’re coming home…we are going to seem boring to you after life in NYC!

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