so I am finally back in Big Ol’ Baton Rouge, where I tell you . . . NOTHING IS HAPPENING! and it is SO Freakin’ HOT! I forgot what hot was. Those of you in New York, consider yourself lucky, and next summer, during your “heat wave” when ya’ll are all complaining about “heat”, I am going to fly ya’ll down to Baton Rouge, and then you can feel what real HEAT is!

So, I am REALLY NOT happy to be back in school. I am not sure how long it is going to take me to get into school mode, but I can assure ya’ll that I am NO where close right now! I have so far managed to make it to all my classes (amazing! ), but I almost slept in two of them today. Actually the first day of classes, I did not bring paper with me! I had my purse, a pen, my planner, but NO paper!!! Honestly, I had not even unpacked my bookbag from New York City. (I only did that today, when I thought it might [notice I said “might”, I am still trying to decide if it was necessary or not] be important to bring a notebook to class.)

Anyway, I know this is a very sad post because I am complaining about school and heat, but . . . I am still having a hard time coping with being back in Baton Rouge. Although, I am not having a hard time coping with Louisiana food! AHHHH! I have eaten more good food in the last three days then I did in my ENTIRE 3 months in New York City! I missed Louisiana food (and Grandma’s cooking!) I am also very happy to see all my old friends, but that goes without saying.

Well I am trying to figure out if anything exciting has happened to me in the last couple of days . . . . and well, surprisingly (or maybe not) nothing comes to mind! how sad is that! oh wait, I know what has happened. I finally have access to internet access 24/7!!! Yeah for internet! Hopefully now, I will post more often, even though I will have less to post about. Oh well, I think I am pretty good about making my boring life sound interesting.

Oh, and I was going to continue posting a picture of the day, but my computer is so old, (I just found out today that I am still running windows 98!) that it is not compatable with my new handy dandy digital camera . . . how convient for me. (I am being sarcastic)

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  1. well, there’s one thing that THE immigrant has to say:get a new computer that is COMPATIBLE with your camera, so it will be more CONVENIENT for you…not to mention the access to internet access (because you are writing the written writing)…and as for the “compromising position”… NO COMMENT… :DP.S. ‘leaves’ DOES rhyme with ‘beliefs’

  2. hey Amy! My bestfriend just moved to LSU and he is kinda…alone down here and looking for friends. He is really funny and is good lookin so I was wonderin if you could hook him up with some nice lady friends…or guy friends! I want him to get in a good group so he doesn’t turn into a beer chuggin frat boy bc he is so great! ANyway, his xanga is kwalk014 : )

  3. interesting things ALWAYS happen to you no matter where you are, i’m sure something crazy will happen soon.    i miss you!
    (oh, and i have a very nyc story for you-read my xanga…lol)

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