so I think I posses a pretty bad talent of predicting not just the future but the bad stuff of the future . . . example # 1. This summer when I was soo desperate for a job, I joked that I wouldn’t mind being a full time paper shredder. what did I end up […]

I think when you almost break your leg by stepping on a pan in your room, you officially need to clean your room. P.S. I really wish I could upload a pic of my room for ya’ll. There are piles of junk all around my bed that I have to jump over to go to […]

so today I have many things to talk about. First, I learned a new word. cluckish. It means somewhere between dumb and silly. I think it reminds me of someone . . . if I could just fiqure out who . . . Second, one of my professors today insinuated that I smoke!  and not cigarettes!!  Actually, […]

I just got paid major bucks to run around a parking lot, put chairs in empty parking spots, and then guard those chairs with my life.  I also almost beat a women, who moved my chair,  but then decided against it when her husband almost ran me over with his massive F150.  (seriously, I almost died […]

some more random thoughts . . . one of my tutoring students told me today that she is going to make me a shirt that says “bitch” . this was right after I told her what she had for homework. anybody heard the new song “in the shadow of the steeple”? it is dedicated to […]

so I don’t have much to say . . . mostly just random thoughts . . . 1st. I wish I could upload new pics on my xanga, because I got my hair cut today, and I got “Movie Star” hair. (which basically means that my hair looks awesome, awesome enough to be a movie […]

I am officially worried about my sanity.  Now, I know most of you are saying “Amy, we have been telling you this for years!”, but for some reason all the stupid things I have done before don’t seem as bad as the these, or maybe somehow I was at least able to justify the others (or at least […]

so I am SO SO excited! Becky, one of my nearest and dearest friends, has the cutest kid named Sydney, and today, Sydney said my name!  I feel so special! And it is was SO CUTE! She just kept saying “Me Me” over and over. It also makes me excited because in about a year […]

Ok so I just wasted about an hour of my life working on the color of my text on my blog . . . hmm, I wonder if my Problem Solving Prof will except this as an excuse to why I won’t have my homework tomorrow . . . . Another interesting fact about it is […]