look what my tutoring student’s mom gave me! isn’t that sweet?! I am sooo excited! I have never gotten a candy bouquet before, but I have always wanted one! and all for just doing my job.  I love my job! So I don’t have much time to update so I will have to give ya’ll […]

well, I was going to write a long, funny post, but I am no longer in a funny mood. why is it that people have such a hard time communicating? even if you both have the best intentions, something gets screwed up or twisted, and everything just goes to shit.

ANGELIQUE, DO NOT READ THIS UNTIL YOU WATCH GILMORE GIRLS! So I am officially upset.  Gilmore Girls this week sucked!!!  Now, I know most of you are saying, “but Amy, Gilmore Girls comes on Tuesday, and today is Friday, why are we only just now hearing about this?” Well, first of all something is going […]

ok, so hopefully, I can write the whole blog AND post it. So to repeat something that I wrote yesterday that I thought was semi entertaining. I got Taco Bell yesterday, and two things caught my eye. 1. The spelled stuffed “stuft”. And this was NOT a homemade sign, folks. This was on there PUBLISHED […]

ok so I just spent 30 mins typing up this great blog just to lose my internet when I pressed submit . . .  so ya’ll are going to have to do without an new blog for one more day. sorry.

          1          11          21      1211  111221  312211    I know most of you are wondering . . . and guess what?! SO AM I!!! P.S. This is a counting sequence that I am suppose to figure out by midnight tonight. P.P.S. notice my new beautiful profile pic. This is from […]

5 details about your appearance right now:1. My “I Love New York” t-shirt, which I love!!2. ponytail (as usual)3. flipflops (as usual)4. no makeup (as usual)5. toenail polish almost all worn off5 things you did yesterday:1. skipped class (as usual)2. finished a Su Duko puzzle that I had been working on since I left New […]

so having spent the last two posts elaborating on my Ok trip. I need a day off. I promise that I will finish telling about the trip especially since I still have two more really good stories to tell. So . . . yesterday the 2006 Baton Rouge phonebook came out. It was on our […]

ok, so where were we . . . oh, yeah. To recap, Becky is in pain from her ever expanding bladder, I am in the middle of a serious phone conversation and there are no service stations in sight. We make it to the next exit and it looks about as promising as the last.  There were no […]