so since nobody thought my last post was very funny, I am going to try again . . . . I had a half productive/half did nothing weekend. On Friday I cleaned up my room and organized alot of stuff. Knowing that you are going to have to be moving out in 4 months really […]

so last night I saw something very disturbing on T.V. (it wasn’t the first time I had seen this, but no matter how many times I see it, it just keeps getting more and more disturbing.) It was one of those low quality commercials that was shot on a home video camera with actors that got […]

so for some reason the forces of this universe are plotting against me . . . 1. I have tried 4 times to give blood, and have still yet to give a drop . . . 2. I WANT to go to class, but have had a hard time finding 3 of the 7 of […]

so today I did a really stupid thing. I rode to school on my bike in a SKIRT!  yep, very stupid!  and the bad thing is I tried this like two semesters ago, and I remember the struggle it was to keep on hand on the skirt to keep it down and one hand on […]

Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||||||||||| 60% Stability |||||||||||||||||| 73% Orderliness |||||||||||| 50% Accommodation |||||||||||||||||| 76% Interdependence |||||| 23% Intellectual |||||||||| 36% Mystical |||||| 30% Artistic || 10% Religious |||||||||||||||||| 76% Hedonism |||||||||||||| 56% Materialism |||| 16% Narcissism |||||||||| 36% Adventurousness |||||||||||| 43% Work ethic |||||||||||| 43% Self absorbed |||||||||||| 43% Conflict seeking || […]

so last night, I dreamed I was being chased by a hog, and then it jumped on my back and I had wrestle it off of me by swinging my back . . . and this morning, my back hurt. ironic?

ok, so nothing exciting has happened in my life so I am just going to have blog with random thoughts . . . ENJOY! 1. this is another stupid video I have found for your enjoyment. I think it is pretty amazing . .       Arcade AcapellaWatch it now on StupidVideos! 2. I cut […]

so I think I have finally topped myself and done something even I am not willing to admit . . . . I am very, very embarrassed right now, and probably will be for YEARS!