*Background info* Most of ya’ll probably don’t know that the past nine months has been a pretty unstable time for me; I have had to learn some hard lessons.  I know I was raised in a christian home, but the last nine months I have had to choose Christianity for myself.  And for the most […]

guess what I am doing? yep, watching T.V. Anyway, I was about to turn in when I saw that VH1 “50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs” was on, and I just can’t turn off these countdowns! I really would like to update ya’ll on my love life, because the man of my dreams is back! (Ok, […]

Don’t ask . . .

couple of things . . . 1. a couple of commercials that I saw that today that I thought I should share with ya’ll . . . have ya’ll seen the Sierra Mist commercial at the airport? and the airport security makes the noise with her mouth to get the Sierra Mist? gets me everytime […]

I need to add to Friday’s blog, that I also discovered that I can make it to the Dunham school on an empty tank! Yeah for Amy being able to make it to the Dunham school! Yesterday I saw a sign outside of Big Lots that said, Now hiring Managers, “experienced” only. hmmmm . . […]

so why is it that they play really scary movies at midnight? don’t they know that people who can’t sleep are flipping through channels at midnight? and what happens when they stumble upon the scary scenes on accident? then they really won’t sleep! and don’t they also know that you are only suppose to watch […]

so did anybody watch my favorite commercial? if you had trouble opening it, try Quicktime that worked for Angelique. so time for me to give ya’ll that blog I promised last week about my prof. I have decided that I need to hook up my prof. He is a real cool guy, real laid back, […]

so there is good news and bad news . . . 1st, for good news, I can get from my apartment to The Dunham School within 15 mins, which is important on days like today when I overslept. to sandwhich in some bads news, I am predicting that I failed the test, so I am […]

so before I forget all the randomness in my head . . . here is the hottest guy, EVER! Milo Ventimiglia, who I first discovered on Gilmore Girls and guess what? he is coming back! Yeah for one more reason to watch Gilmore Girls! too bad he is dating Alexis Bledel. although I think I […]

so the good news is this is going to be a short post. the bad news is that is because my memory is shot and I can’t remember all the funny things that I wanted to tell ya’ll. The first good thing is I found the flip flops I thought I had thrown away. they […]