so it appears my last blog was not very appreciated . . . but that is ok! I know I am one of a kind, and probably very ahead of my time and therefore will not get the recognition I deserve until I am dead. oh well. Anyway, tonight folks we have a couple of […]

new and improved happy blog

ok, sorry for being such a bummer on my last blog, but as I stated earlier, it was late, i miss Mr. Bear, I am emotional, I miss Mr. Bear . . . oh, and I miss Mr. Bear. Anyway, since I had such a concerned response from everyone (except Angelique. funny how that works […]

my sad blog

so I don’t know if it is because I miss Mr. Bear, or it is just because it is late, or because it is that time of the month, or because I am just getting older and have less patience, but I have been finding myself less and less able to deal with people. they […]

you know, yesterday, I discovered that I am genuinely happier with Mr. Bear here, not that I am not usually happy, but I am definitately happier.  He is always so excited when I come home and he is so sad when I leave, and even after I gave him a bath last night, he still […]

woo hoo! a new blog!

ok guys, so I know Spring Break is over, but I trying to hold on to it as long as I can, thus, I haven’t posted in awhile . . . . but do not be dismayed, I will try to shake this end of the school year blues off long enough to post every […]

Guess what?

I finally sat down to do my taxes today! yeah for Amy doing her taxes! especially since they are due in less than 12 hours! Guess what else? tomorrow I go home and spring break is officially over. that makes me sad .  .  This weeks was really stressful. It is hard to keep up […]