more randomness . . .

so I have finally figured out why I am always single! You Are The Girlfriend From Hell! You’re hell on wheels, which is sometimes a good thing.But it’s often a bad thing, as you usually leave your guy’s head spinning.Slow down, or else your relationship will end in a loud crash.Or you’ll end up with […]

ahh the randomness . . .

so the other day, I got caught. yep, I got caught singing in public. it actually was probably one of the most embarrassing things that has happened to me (shocking, I know!). Anyway, I was walking done the aisle of chips, and Kelly Clarkson was playing over head.  And as I grab a bag of […]

God I miss New York . . .

It makes me so sad that one year ago exactly I was in New York City for the summer. That was the best time in my life, and I want to move back to the city so much it hurts. Many people have asked me why I love the City soo much, but I can’t […]

Amy needs sleep . . .

so for the past two days I have made the mistake of drinking caffeine late (I know. I will NEVER learn!). anyway, tonight while in a caffeinated state, I was talking to a friend from high school on line, when my friend that I am staying with asked me if I was tired (because it […]

time for another update!

Today I officially babysat Dakota Rose! I was her first babysitter! It was alot of fun, even though she just slept the whole time. I just held her, and held her (and kissed her head sometimes). below is what she looked like. I call it “el burrito Dakota”. other than that, she sleeps ALOT! she […]

My niece is here!

On Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 at 2:10 pm Eastern time, Dakota Rose Geiger was born. On Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 at 2:30 am Central time, I left Baton Rouge to drive to Houston to catch a flight to California to be there for the birth. It was amazing (well I wasn’t in the room, thankfully, […]

what is new with me . . .

I. busy, busy, busy. why is it that I ended up being busier after the semester ended than during finals? oh yeah, I went to class this semester . . . II. speaking of classes, I got a 3.6 this semester! yeah for me! III. things I have been busy with:       A. moving. fortunately […]

Happy Dance!

2005 Taxes are officially done! I just did my Louisiana taxes. right on time. But Louisiana does have the most obnoxious e-file system! 1. There are NO explainations of the boxes and lines for clarification! I NEED clarification, PEOPLE! so I am not sure everything is right, because well it was confusing . . . […]