Happy Dance!

2005 Taxes are officially done! I just did my Louisiana taxes. right on time. But Louisiana does have the most obnoxious e-file system!

1. There are NO explainations of the boxes and lines for clarification! I NEED clarification, PEOPLE! so I am not sure everything is right, because well it was confusing . . .

2. I am probably going to get audited, because the damn thing was confusing! And, although, all of my W-2s say that the companies I worked for are in New York City, only half of my income was actually earned in New York City, therefore not taxable by Louisiana, thus claimed as a tax deduction, BUT I am not sure I filled the thing out right, so it probably looks suspious, so I am predicting an audit . . . was that confusing? probably not as confusing as Lousiana’s e-file . . .

3. They only give you 30 mins to prepare your e-file! 30 mins! the first time I got kicked out because I had to go searching for my federal file, which thankfully I had, and then the second time I typed like a mad women because I was afraid I would run out of time again!


4 thoughts on “Happy Dance!

  1. I also just filed my state taxes online tonight. It was pretty confusing until I realized I didn’t even have to worry about most of the sections. I also filled out the paper form though, and it came to a dollar less on the computer, so I just saved a dollar and whatever stamps cost these days. Yay internet!

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