My niece is here!

On Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 at 2:10 pm Eastern time, Dakota Rose Geiger was born. On Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 at 2:30 am Central time, I left Baton Rouge to drive to Houston to catch a flight to California to be there for the birth. It was amazing (well I wasn’t in the room, thankfully, but being there with the rest of the family, waiting, and knowing the minute, well, 10 mins after she was born, was amazing) and I am soo glad my only all nighter of the semester was for my niece, but my bro, among others, is ready to commit me.

They came home today, and we have been doing the baby thing all day. She has pooped a million and a half times (Becky, I now believe that you will need 5,000 diapers the first year.), which, to me, is amazing, because she is only drinking milk! how is it that milk (a liquid) comes out poop (a solid, or at least somewhat solid). I have changed her twice, and once into her little onese, which swallowed her. She yawns alot, sleeps alot, and, all in all, pretty much everything she does is cute and amazing.  Although this sounds weird, my favorite thing to do is smell her. she has that baby smell and it is soo great!

well it is bedtime, but keep coming back and I will keep ya’ll posted with everything she does. Also, please be aware that you are only allowed to comment about her on posts that I write about her. I will delete any comments found elsewhere. For personal reasons, she is on the DL. Below is my new favorite picture of her. I have a new favorite picture every hour.

*10 mins later*

here is the new favorite pic! although the last one is a close second still.

also wanted to let ya’ll know. she pooped again!

7 thoughts on “My niece is here!

  1. LOVE the pictures! Thanks for sharing….5000 diapers huh? Well right now we have a little over 2000, but I have been reading with twins you use about 400 a month so you are pretty accurate! You look beautiful too! And way to go on the GPA Woo Hoo!!!Stay sane in that crowded house 🙂 Love you!

  2. Amy, you make such a cute mother-type person! Now you just need the guy to make the rest of the equation complete…heh just kidding.Send Kat & Emil my love, aight?

  3. congrats on being an auntie!  you’re the AA!  so is my sister (for amiee is an auntie too!)
    ..which makes me an uncle…
    …well….i’ll be a hunter’s uncle….(my nephews name = hunter)
    golly i’m funny

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