what is new with me . . .

I. busy, busy, busy. why is it that I ended up being busier after the semester ended than during finals? oh yeah, I went to class this semester . . .

II. speaking of classes, I got a 3.6 this semester! yeah for me!

III. things I have been busy with:
       A. moving. fortunately for me, I did it right this time (ask Brian about the last time I moved . . .), but it still took me freakin forever! Thankfully, I had LOTS of help. major props to anyone that helped me move! ya’ll were lifesavers.
       B. I had this awesome calculator conference the week after finals, AND I am getting a free calculator! a TI-84! it is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to play with it, and learn all the fancy applications. I have never had a graphing calculator before, so I am super pumped!
       C. visiting with friends. Unfortunately, with being a senior, alot of my friends are graduating and moving on. also, with it being the beginning of the summer, I have been trying to hang out with people that will be leaving for the summer. Anyway, this is all to say I have been saying alot of good-byes and basically hanging out with one friend right after another.
       D. traveling. I travel too much.

This is all to say, that I hope ya’ll will be patient with me, since I haven’t posted recently or been returning phone calls. Also, there have been some other complications in my life that I have written a protected post about, so some of you may want to check that out . . . (FYI: for those of you, who I would have liked to share this post with but don’t have a Xanga *cough* *cough* Eric *cough*, this is a great reason for you to join the club! give in to the pressure!)

peace out!

6 thoughts on “what is new with me . . .

  1. wow, *I* want to go to a calculator conference — sounds awesome!Hey, i’ll be in town for the summer, so I have extra time to do the hang-out-before-we-don’t-see-each-other-again-for-a-freakin’-long-time thing after the rush ends.

  2. lol awesome.  Shredding is awesome!  You get to destroy stuff!! I’m glad it’s ceased for the night.  I couldn’t take a nap earlier because it was so loud lol.  I had to go to my parents’ room.

  3. yeah, we’re going see The Color Purple. We have a lot of free time at night b/c all of our meetings are from 9-5 each day. You never told me about your NY experience. We’ll have to talk when we’re both back in LA!

  4. The Romeo and Juliet paragraph is from one of the most awesome shows ever: Grey’s Anatomy! And I found the “love” one on some random xanga site, like a friend of a friend of a friend kind of thing. Congrats on the GPA! I hope the busy-ness doesn’t become too much for you…get some R&R too!

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