time for another update!

Today I officially babysat Dakota Rose! I was her first babysitter! It was alot of fun, even though she just slept the whole time. I just held her, and held her (and kissed her head sometimes). below is what she looked like. I call it “el burrito Dakota”.

other than that, she sleeps ALOT! she is barely up an hour a day, which is fine by us, because we just pass her from person to person. she does have a problem with pooing and peeing on the changing table (becky, boys aren’t the only ones that do it). She has done it twice while I was changing her! not so cute.

well that is all that is new today. oh, she does have a myspace account. so if you would like to see more pics of her, or would like to be her friend, you can find her on my list of friends on myspace. below is another cute pic of her (don’t worry. I have tons! so ya’ll have weeks and weeks of looking at pics ahead of ya’ll!)

7 thoughts on “time for another update!

  1. ryc: i’m studying computer science, but about half of my course work is math
    the “manly man” is a monologue, origionally done by bradley hathaway (thebradley.net), which i memorized and weiserized at bequest of my campus pastor.

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