ahh the randomness . . .

so the other day, I got caught. yep, I got caught singing in public. it actually was probably one of the most embarrassing things that has happened to me (shocking, I know!). Anyway, I was walking done the aisle of chips, and Kelly Clarkson was playing over head.  And as I grab a bag of chips, I look over at this women who has a half laugh, half smile on her face, and I realize that I am singing along OUTLOUD! I then had to ask the women (just to add to my embarrassment), “was I singing outloud?” she said “oh don’t you worry about it!” and then I turned and RAN! what was even more annoying was the song I walked out of the grocery with in my head. Somehow I got the Fruit of the Loom commercial stuck in my head, you know, the “you can’t over love your underwear” song . . .

for some last randomness, does it ever bother people how they (highway people) write things on the highway? what does ONLY LANE EXIT mean anyway? (I know I am reading it backwards, but doesn’t it make more sense to write it from top to bottom instead of bottom to top?)

3 thoughts on “ahh the randomness . . .

  1. that is HILARIOUS about the singing.  if you were here, no one would have batted an eye-chances are you’d have a few random people join you! 
    and i’ve totally thought that about the road writiing thing as well.

  2. wow amy… sometimes i wonder what goes on oin there.  how is is possible to be so smart yet so … whats the word…??   ah! absent-minded, thats it. (i know because i live in thet world too)

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