Why is it?

That everybody and their momma has seen me on T.V. for the past week except for me and my momma? If anybody has a VCR recorder AND Cable, I would appreciate you taping me on Channel 2 at 10:30 on Inside LSU Football. Thanks! P.S. Angelique, you don’t happen to TiVo that show on a […]

even though the SAT is over, if I make it through this semester, it will be a miracle! I have to get on the ball. I still don’t have my recommendation letters for graduate school! AAHHHHH!!!!!!! *added a couple hours later* also, if both me and a particle tutoring parent don’t kill each other, it […]

Woo hoo for Amy posting!

so . I really liked the whole randomn thoughts model, especially since I have only been posting once a blue moon. so here I go. 1. 4 days til the SAT!!! woo hoo! soo pumped! 2. people that don’t use their blinker really piss me off. 3. Almost blowing my speakers to Celine Dion is […]