ok, for the record . . .

I am sick and tired of people getting together or getting married! everyone needs to stay single like me! it makes me mad, because I feel bad everytime I look at pictures of you and your significant other, and all I have are pictures of me and Mr. Bear or Harold. And, my head hurts […]

stupid people . . .

1. On the radio, they had an advertisement for a homeless shelter, and if you wanted more information, they gave a website. 2. MADD billboards. They are advertising safe driving, yet you have to read them on the road. 3. Filling out paperwork for a lost parking ticket. When I got back from the holidays, […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

sorry I haven’t been on as much.  busy. busy. busy. On Tuesday, I opened a new bank account so that I will have a local bank in Berkeley, and on Wednesday, I signed up for classes!  woo hoo! I am such a nerd. I am super stoked about being back in school. I will be […]

I love . . .

1. having a small kitchen that doesn’t take me long to clean. 2. having a grandma that feeds me and helps me do my laundry. I wish I could bottle her and sell her. Everyone needs someone like my grandma. Basically, I love my life.

couple of things . . .

1. Yeah for me! I went to the mall today and bought nothing!  Which brings me to my next point . . . 2. What is up with all the new spandex dresses?!?!? not kewl. spandex was meant for Richard Simmons to work out in, not for me to wear in public. It makes me […]

amazing . . .

how is it that in an apartment by myself with no cable and plenty to do, I have managed to procrastinate the last three hours away?! oh yeah, I am a professional procrastinator . . . I honestly think that even if I was in one of those padded rooms, I would be able to […]


I did something stupid! P.S. how did I miss Jungle Book, The Lion King AND Peter Pan going back into the Vault!!!! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! P.P.S. Christmas wish list- The School House Rock DVD Collection, and the Shirley Temple DVD Collection. just incase you were wondering. P.P.P.S. just to emphasize how much I want these […]