Amazing Grace . . .

definition- you just happened to pay your entergy bill two days before they turn off your power, even though you didn’t know they were going to turn off your power, because you didn’t open your mail to get your disconnect notice. All of which you discover a month later because you are moving.

So my new york trip is over. *tear* *tear* I had a great time, as usual. I did three shows and Chinatown, twice. I also got called a bitch by a homeless guy, which made me feel like a New Yorker again. Other than that, I think only really exciting thing is that I discovered […]

do you know what I really fear?

racketball courts. At LSU, the racketball courts are on the first floor and their ceilings are as tall as the ceilings on the second floor, so that their is an opening from the racketball court into the second floor. Does that make sense? Well, if it does, do you know what that means? If a […]