new things in my life . . .

so I am finally broke beyond broke, and it sucks. no starbucks lattes for me. just peanut butter and jelly and water. maybe I will lose weight . . . that would be really funny. And then when people ask “have you lost weight? what did you do? you look great!” I can tell them […]

Woo Hoo!

so I had this great blog planned about my niece, but I just got some work for the next three days, so I am going to sleep! Anyway, if you think about me in the next three days, say a prayer because I am about to substitute teach for the first time in Oakland! Yep, […]


I experienced my first earthquake the other day! It was so cool, well once it was over and I realized what happened. During it, I was completely freaked out and had no clue what was going on. Anyway, the whole room shook! It was crazy! Emil and Kat said it was the biggest one they […]