Thank you

for all of your wonderful wishes for my graduate school. I hope I will find out in about a month, but I really don’t know how long this could take, but guess what? I was late to church tonight because my professor who I thought was going to stand me up on my recommendation decided […]

good news!

I finally have two recommendations on file with Columbia, so now they at least have the oppurtunity to deny me rather than just tell me my application is incomplete. woo hoo! I am going to be so nervous for the next month . . . . ahhh, the agony! But the moral of the story […]

Things that bother me . . .

The guy that sings “Dance with my father”. It is just disturbing. P.S. I am proud of myself though. I spelled Hallelujah right the first time, although I don’t think I will ever be able to do it again. P.P.S. when I spelled in this post, I did not spell it right the first time, […]

everyone pray that . . .

1. People will fill out my freaking graduate school recommendations! 2. that I don’t kill them in the process! So, I got into University of Maryland, and as soon as one of my professors fills out my recommendation for Columbia, I can start waiting for a rejection letter from them. I am just extremely frustrated, […]

Tales of a public transportationer.

For whatever reason, I feel a desperate, dying need to completely blend in with my fellow public transportationers, which is actually rather difficult when you have no clue what to do.  I remember the first time I try to enter Bart (their subway) using the handicap entrance, and rather than walking through like a pro […]