I have a home!

I was going to post some pictures for ya’ll, but see as the cord from my camera is somewhere in a box, the pictures will have to wait. Just imagine the most beautiful studio you can imagine, and you will be pretty close! It is so great to have a home. I love my home. […]

And 3 hours later . . .

two more articles done and a 1/2 of a page more done, I am going to bed. I am one more article away of making up last week’s assignment, but I have 5 more for this week. oh, and I am just talking about for one class. Note to self: don’t get behind on readings […]

The joys of life . . .

Many of you that know me, know that nothing is ever easy or simple in my life. And while thesises could probably be written about whether or not I consciously choose it, the fact remains I don’t do easy or common. Prequel: So when it came time for me to move to New York, I […]

the joys of the ferry

so while I am temporarily (at least, I hope so) homeless, I have been living with my friend Ben and his family who happen to live on Staten Island. For those of you that are not familiar with New York City, I will elaborate. Staten Island (SI) is the most ignored, forgotten and ridiculed Borough […]

Only in NYC . . .

So yesterday, I am sitting on the subway, listening to my ipod, when I hear a goat. Yes, a goat. I look toward the direction of the sound and I see a guy in a hat with a HUGE feather, and then I watched him make bird sounds. Not wanting to stare, I look around […]


Do you ever have that nagging feeling that you are forgetting something? something important? and then you remember something else, and think you are remembering the important thing only to find out later that you didn’t. Yesterday on my way to school for my interview, I realized I forgot my ID and therefore would not […]

Enough is enough!

Ok. I know I may be the last ‘sensitive’ person left, but can I say that I don’t care to watch torture/pain inflicted on ANY living thing, and why the hell does the rest of America put up with it?! Everywhere I turn, most movies and T.V. shows think they need to add a torture […]

Week 9

And, no thanks to anyone, I am facing another week in someone else’s house and living out of a suitcase . . . AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!!!!! I swear, I will never move again. In other news, somedays it is good to be a tiger! God, I miss Tiger Stadium, especially when we are kicking ass!

And she is back!

As I end the last week of my eight weeks living out of a suitcase, I have some advice: 1. Don’t do it. It has not been a lifestyle I would recommend. However, if you have no choice.2. Learn how to pack. Now, considering, I did not know I would be living out of my […]