I got a

job! I got a job! I got a job! hey! hey! hey! so, I started on Monday, and by Tuesday, I was overwhelmed, and by Wednesday, I was late.  For whatever reason, no matter what, midnight is my bedtime. isn’t that weird? Seriously, by Thursday night, I was so exhausted from late nights and early […]

dogs and jobs

so the most important things is . . . I have a job! Amy is employed again! Honestly, it is a tad surreal, because I had honestly given up hope. I kept seeing me having to accept defeat and move home. Second, I am a tad nervous. It is a pretty demanding job, and I […]

To set the record straight

I had some friends come into town, and they wanted to go out clubbing.  However, one of the five of us was a gay guy, so we basically just went to gay clubs.  And apparently, gay men do not like to keep their clothes on and thus, employ strippers at their clubs. Therefore, I unknowingly […]

Sex and the City . . .

so recently, I spend money I didn’t have on all 6 seasons of Sex and the City (shhhh, don’t tell Tushar). And now, after watching 2.5 seasons, I have some comments. 1. Who the hell dresses Carrie? Seriously, half the time she is in some outrageous outfits and the other half she is in something […]


Can I say that sometimes I am in need of validation that I live a fabulous life? Can I also say that that validation came last night from the male stripper who grabbed my ass. twice. P.S. I shall not elaborate more. However, for clarification, i didn’t see anything.

Top 3 Reasons

Why I believe I deserve to go to an Ivy League School: 1. I realized I was not suppose to put my pans into the broiler compartment even though to the unsuspecting it would have looked like the drawer for pans most ovens have. 2. I cleaned, took apart and fix my chandelier by myself. […]

After much fanfare, I present . . .

my apartment! Now, before you watch the slide show, remember, it is a work in progress.  With that said, feel free to offer suggestions with whatever you think. Currently my focus is to get my dressing room set up.  This weekend, I am going to paint/hang the chandler and buy a vanity with chair. I […]


PICTURES! until then, a short anecdote . . . I just pulled my first all nighter in grad school, and guess what? I didn’t do work! I applied for jobs. Yep, I think I just earned the title as the world’s fastest/crappiest/spammiest(?) job applier. I think I honestly applied for about 10 jobs tonight, and […]