One day I’ll find relief I’ll be arrived And I’ll be friend to my friends who know how to be friends One day I’ll be at peace I’ll be enlightened and I’ll be married with children and maybe adopt One day I will be healed I will gather my wounds forge the end of tragic […]

thinks it is official…

I’m going, going, gone… in other news, for my cousin, I promised a happy blog. (lets ignore the fact that I promised it 10 hours ago…) Really, though, I am happy.  I know my blogs haven’t been “happy”, but then again I typically write them after midnight, when I have been alone with my thoughts […]

To Do:

1. Clean my house.2. Organize my desk.3. Apply for jobs.4. Sell shit on-line.5. RSVP for wedding.6. Check bank balance.7. Buy plane tickets.8. Take down reminders of my ex.9. Talk to my sister.10. Don’t call him… Well, that should keep me busy for awhile….