Well, I’ve started about three different blogs in the last three days and I’m still a little under inspired. I think I’m just going to stick with some random thoughts… 1. I’m finally out of my old apartment and very close to being settled into my new apartment. I’ve only got two and half storage […]


Yep, I’ve done it again. I’m in a pinch, because I didn’t remember the pay schedule and didn’t realize I’d get my last paycheck the week after my last day… I swear, someday I be good at life. Until then, I’ll be cursing myself in a very Napoleon Dynamite fashion by looking in a mirror […]

Yes, New York,

I love country music. And yes, what you hear blaring in my headphones is country music. get over it. I may not like snakes and I may be a city girl at heart, but my first car was a truck with a brush guard and I know how to shoot a 12 gauge.  Speaking of […]

A High Note

Just so y’all know I won’t be jumping off a bridge soon, I thought I’d write a happy blog about my trip home… Going back to Louisiana was great. I hung out with my niece, who, I quote, said to me “I love you very much.” I spent quality time with my grandma and grandpa. […]

Being scared

Ok, so I know most of you have already heard me whine about this, but I can’t help myself. sorry. One of the reasons I’ve put off teaching for the past year and a half is I’m scared shitless. My student teaching didn’t go very well and every since then I’ve been scared to try […]

plaster vs me

I fucking hate plaster. Who the hell thought to themselves “lets make walls of concrete, but cover it soft crumbly shit? thats sounds like a brilliant idea! and then, when someone wants to decorate their house, rather than being able to hang anything, they will leave massive ugly holes in their walls! Plaster: three holes […]