Things I notice

So as a self-proclaimed people watcher, New York is the place to be.  If you don’t believe me, you should probably read through some of my past blogs… in the meantime, though, let me tell you what I saw today… 1. So you know how people talk about blue haired old ladies? Well today I […]

Attack Plan #3,279

To update you on my first year teaching, I’ve finally given up on sleep and lunch… In the beginning, I told myself that I wouldn’t sacrifice my sleep and such, but I gave in sometime last week (thus the unfortunate milk incident… ) With all of that said, I think I can see the light […]


I just got your email, but since I know a response would sit in your inbox for about 3 months, I’ll respond here… (granted, you may not check my blog for another three months either, but its worth a shot… ) First, I’m doing fine; thank you for asking.  Second, thanks for the first apology.  […]

Stop fucking with me

There are moments that I blame myself for all of this.  I jumped in both feet first…  Then there are times when I think about what you did to complicate things…  Why did you dig my number out of the trashcan?  Why did you tell me you missed me when I explicitly told you not […]


Today is the kind of day that makes you wish you were a praying woman.  Someone that can sit down and find the inner quiet…  Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever have that talent.  Instead, I’m thinking of listening to death metal.  Maybe rather than fighting for peace, I should just embrace the chaos that […]