Hey you…

I wish I knew what to do for you… you honestly don’t sound okay, but I’m not sure how to be there for you.  I’m not sure if you want me to be there for you.  I think you have a new “friend” (we both know what that means…), so maybe you don’t need me, […]

Stories from a Bitch

so I’ve come to embrace my role as a Catholic school teacher by turning into a bitch… seriously. so tonight while I was supervising dance team practice, the choir teacher bought pizza for the choir.  As soon as practice was over, my girls go running over to eat the pizza that was NOT theirs… needless […]

I’m really really tired

of everything…. why does life have to be so damn hard?! I mean, isn’t it suppose to get easier? or can I at least get better at it? because I have to say, every year, I feel like I’m further and further from figuring all of this out and I’m tired of trying..  really tired.