Seating Charts

I think I can only compare creating seating charts to managing and organizing a room full of sheeps and wolves with the added concern that sheeps can become wolves and vise versa depending on your organization… seriously, when creating a seating chart, you have to consider someone’s behavior and performance. You want strong students next […]

Chinese takeout

I probably shouldn’t be shocked, but my chinese takeout has removed those traditional pictures of their food… in it’s place, they have a digital picture frame with pictures of their food… Also, what does it mean when they give you three fortune cookies?! did I order too much food or did I look so desperate […]


by Miley Cyrus with some edits from me… I could honestly say You’ve been on my mind Since i woke up today These memories come back to life And i dont mind I remember when we kissed I still feel it on my lips The time that you danced with me With no music playing […]