My life

can best be summarized as “No rest for the weary” and I’m beginning to lose my mind…. So this morning began with a worldwind.  As soon as I got to school, I had a phone call, which is very rare and inconvenient as I had several things to get ready for the day.  Turns out, […]

Only the Mayor of New York…

So today New York Public Schools had their first snow day in 5 years.  It was announced at 6 am, but unfortunately some people didn’t find out til they got to school.  When asked about it, here is what our Mayor said… “I think if you got up this morning and looked outside and the […]

Going to California!!

I’m so excited! I just bought my spring break ticket to see my niece, brother and sister-in-law.  OMG! I’m so excited! I have pictures of playing dolls with my niece in my head and I can already hear her calling “Aunt Amy” through the house… Spring Break is going to be awesome!