Living in a SVU episode…

Yeah, so I’m beginning to feel like my block is becoming not just a SVU episode, but a regular SVU episode (meaning we have more than one storyline going on here… ) So about two months ago, I was walking home at about 10:30 and this guy was jacking off on the sidewalk!   And he […]


Yesterday I received my New York drivers license in the mail.  I know it may seem silly, but it was sort of bittersweet.  I mean, on one hand I’m really excited to think that I can really call myself a new yorker and it is sort of novel to see my face on a New […]

Dumb Tourist

So Saturday morning I’m riding the subway.  The train stops, doors open and close and then the conductor gets on the loud speaker and says… Do Not! Do Not lean over the platform to take a picture of the train as it enters the station! You could injury yourself or cause an accident! OMG! Are […]

Yes, I do have a degree…

After recently giving a mini-lecture on the plus/minus Math symbol (±) to my freshman, I had the following conversation with a student. *A little background… my Algebra 1 students must pass a Regents exam to graduate high school* Mayira: so will the people that grade my Regents test know what I’m talking about if I […]

God may smite me

Please don’t take this blog the wrong way. I’m really not being insensitive. I really do care about starving children and animals, but this is just too much… I saw the most ridiculous commercial today.   Ok, so you know those commercials for hungry children in third world countries?  You know, they have that sad […]

Don’t hate me

But I’m about to gush about Sex and the City, the movie.  (Yes, I know I was suppose to swear off Romantic Comedies, but like I said, I’m addicted! but back to the movie…) I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! I’ve watched it about 6 times (twice in the theaters) and I’m sure it’ll never grow old…. […]