Chapter 14 in my life at CR…

Background: This summer, I’ve gone back part-time to the company I first worked at when I moved to New York… So first of all, my day started with being insulted by my boss, because I accepted a free trial for some financial book, which apparently has nothing to do with the financial work that we […]

It is official.

Working on a 9 month school schedule is a really bad idea for me.  I’ve done nothing in the last month! nothing! except look for another job, which has really taken a minimal amount of time…  Granted I do have a part time job for two days a week and I have been working out […]

Job hunting

So I’m currently job hunting for a part-time job in the hospitality industry.  So far, all I’ve really done is email my resume or drop off a resume and then never hear anything else…  Yeah, it sort of sucks. Well today I was going to respond to an ad in which you had to drop […]

A rant…

So last week I watched the first episode of The Wanted.  It is basically a show, where these four guys track down terrorists and stuff.  At first I thought it was kind of cool.  And then I realized they are putting on a great show (and I mean that more as in it is fake…). […]

Oh no you didn’t!

So sometimes I have a bad habit of checking the missed connections on craigslist.  I know it is stupid, but I just think it’d be nice to one day find a post about me…  Anyway, I was reading tonight and found a post from a guy apologizing for not helping a woman being mugged! Are […]

Pet peeves

1.  When people close the door when leaving a single bathroom.  Don’t they realize that there is a system to a shared, single bathroom: Door open – bathroom available; door closed – bathroom in use.  When you close the door to an empty bathroom, you are messing with the system!!!  And then you cause those […]

I’m still trying…

I’ve felt the power of forgivenessI know that life can let you downI’m not blindNo, I don’t need a witnessTo tell me there’s angels all around My eyes have seen more than they want toMy heart has scars that run so deepThere’s tears that I’ve had to let goAnd there’s dreams I told myself I’d […]

Pics from my trip home

And no I’m not conceited, but most of these are just me. I was just playing in a fountain and it was a lot of fun!  Here is Mr. Bear with his broken paw. Poor peg leg… Here is me in the fountain. This is my favorite. And my second favorite. I look like a […]