One week later…

and I’m still just as motivated as I was last week. I want to finish cleaning my room, grade papers and prepare lessons. This time I’m stopped by something else: myself… I’m going to finally say what all of you already know. I’m fucked up. People look at me and see a successful young woman […]

Feeling overwhelmed

Today I had big plans to clean my room, do my laundry, and get some work done. It is now 4 o’clock, I haven’t really done any of it, and I’m losing focus. My room is beyond a mess, but I feel like it is more than just tidying and cleaning that needs to be […]

Oh no you didn’t!

Ok people, those dark clouds were definitely more than fog, so enjoy the drama, but just remember, SHE STARTED IT! B- I thought you were gone. I noticed you followed me initially, but I thought you left. And I know you asked for my silence, but now I honestly don’t care. You got to say […]

Word to the wise

Don’t try to break off a relationship when you’ve had two glasses of wine and very sleepy. Here’s what happens: Him: where are you these days? it’s tough to get hold of youMe: I know… and I’m afraid it won’t get better…Him: why?Me: I just have a lot on my plate and not a lot […]