Further lockdown

Yep, my stalker came back. Always around the time I think she might be gone, she shows up again. This time she created a username, visited my site and then deletes the account. LIKE I DON’T KNOW IT IS HER!!! Now I’m putting on friends lock… I really hate this woman. I’ve moved on and […]

My amazing weekend

So this weekend I went down to Baltimore to hang with my honey. We had a really great time. And the best thing about this relationship is that it doesn’t change everything about our lives. We are still really active, but we are active together. We still hangs out with friends. We work at the […]

My XangaSecret

which I guess isn’t a secret, since you guys know who I am. But this is a secret I have to keep from my boyfriend… I’m hearing wedding bells!!! And I don’t mean I’ve decided that John is the one I want to marry, but I’m absolutely ready to plan a wedding. And the worst […]

It’s official.

John and I are dating. It came as a pretty big shock as I didn’t think he was quite ready to make that step, but apparently he was. I’m really excited. He is already an amazing boyfriend. This weekend he cooked breakfast every morning, and he’s incredibly thoughtful. It is hard to even give examples, […]