Hopes & Fears

So I’m about to send off two more job applications for ‘dream’ jobs. I say ‘dream’ jobs mostly because of the foundations I’m applying to. I’m applying to work at two very big, well-known child/education advocacy foundations. I have no idea if I’m really qualified or if I’d like the work, but I’ve promised myself […]


As you could guess, this blog is about sex. Unfortunately that is something I’ve not been having a lot of. John has many religious convictions; one of which is anti-premarital sex. Initially, i was relieved, because in the past, sex has driven the relationship, and then ruined the relationship. However, in this relationship, I feel […]

Just when I was going to write happy blogs…

this happens. I think my current school is not going to renew my contract, or they might offer me part-time, which would also be disappointing… I know I shouldn’t care because this school is a shit-fest. Between the students running around to the constant cancelled classes, the place is crazy. However, it is still frustrating […]


I feel bad that I haven’t been blogging as much as I use to. I use to blog every night, and I loved it. Recently I looked back through really old blogs, and they were incredibly different from my current blogging style. Originally, my blogs were funny, and I’d share all the ridiculous things I […]