My Brain is mush

I’ve dedicated this summer to finishing my masters, which means I have to write a 15 page policy brief on some current topic. It isn’t much but it does need some original research, so it is more than just synthesizing other literature and research. However, the real problem isn’t the paper as much as it brings […]


I don’t want to have a huge philosophical blog today, because I’m exhausted. mentally. spiritually. emotionally. I won’t give up, and I’m confident God is faithful and he will show himself faithful in this situation to me and to Tushar. The only thing I don’t know is God’s timing, and that is the hard part. So […]

And thats a wrap…

Alright. I literally have 15 mins to write this blog, which for me is unheard of, so bare with me through the jumbled mess I’m about to write… Finally after I wrote my blog yesterday and talked to a friend, I felt peace about Tushar’s engagement, and here is the interesting thing about those two […]

Delving deeper

Ok, so I think this will be my last blog about Tushar, at least for awhile, but the blogging has been very helpful…. Sidenote: If you are going to read my blog you gotta understand two things about me. One, I love to analyze things; I will discuss, parcel, and dissect everything til basically nothing […]

Battling it out

So since I found out Tushar is engaged, I’ve been wrestling with my emotions trying to get some peace… In Novemeber, when Tushar and I first discussed the possibility of getting back together, I told him that I wanted him to come visit me in Louisiana. I wanted him to go to church with me […]

Blog decisions

Initially my blog was very public and known to many friends and family. But post-college, my blog started going under the radar, and I began being more open/serious in my public blog content.  Meaning, things that I use to make private/protected postings, I have out in the open… There is a part of me that […]

Chapter Two: my conversion

Over the past year and half, I’m been wondering, pondering, questioning, why did I have to go through all that ugly stuff to get to this point? And maybe, more importantly, how/why did I even get that far off track? I don’t have all the answers, but I can tell you some of the things that […]