LOTS of Ramblings

I don’t have to much to say, but I’m blogging as I’m trying to keep it updated. I guess I figure it is better to write with nothing to say, and eventually, I get back in the habit. Blogging use to be so easy; I just need to get back in the habit… I’ve had […]

Open the Floodgates. literally.

Wow.  So this past week, I’ve begun hearing the voice of God, again.. Like I said earlier, I know he was talking, but I wasn’t discerning. Hm. Anyway, this morning, God was speaking to me about my one of my life verses, Psalm 37 (Thank you, Ms. Anne for telling me that!!).  Initially I was […]

Unexpected answers

Isn’t it amazing when God answers your questions in unexpected ways through unexpected means? Background: My #1 desire right now is to hear God everyday about everything. I know it is lifelong process and I’m learning, but it something I truly desire and pursue.  In the last couple of weeks I realized my problem wasn’t […]