I’m pretty sure

I have an anger problem, and to me, anger is the worst feeling in the world… It makes me feel out of control and makes me want to lose self-control, and that is a bad thing. very bad thing. I think I need to contemplate this more, but for now, I’m going to bed. Good […]

Beauty from Ashes

Today was an amazing day. Honestly, today could be several blogs, but I think I’ll start with the most significant part of the day, my burn party. Background: In recent weeks I have been praying to see my life through God’s eyes. I want to value the things he values, and I want to see the […]

Finding Balance

Well so far this school is off to a great start.  They didn’t have a position for me at the middle school, so this year I’m at the high school.  But I know this is a divine appointment; I would’ve stayed at the middle school, because that is where I’m comfortable, but the high school […]