Watch out!

I know today is Thanksgiving, a day to express your thankfulness (and I am thankful), but I also need to take this moment to boast, just a little. Sidebar: Ms Valerie tells me I should give myself more credit for my personal growth, so I’m giving it a try… 17 months ago, when I came […]


Sometimes you need ask what is your motivation behind a destructive action, but sometimes you need to ask what is your motivation behind avoiding positive action… For the longest time I’ve thought I’m just lazy, which was a sign of depression, then I thought it was a sign of low self esteem.  Now I’m starting to […]


I got a letter from my aunt today. It was very kind. She told me she knew I wish I could be with them right now, but I can be confident that I have been a blessing to Eric and to them in the past. She ended by telling me that I should remember the […]

A Photo that makes me smile

I don’t normally participate in these xanga community challenges, but I’m trying to procrastinate and I have nothing else to do… The picture is an inside joke making fun of my mom, but after I took it, me and my brother hacked into her facebook account and made it her profile pic. It was a […]

And life goes on

On Thursday, one of my married friends from college had triplets. It has made me so happy, because they tried so long for a baby and now after lots of time and disappointment, they have three babies. Being the over-analytical, introvert I am, these triplets and my cousin have really gotten me thinking… We all […]

Not looking good

I talked to my aunt yesterday, and found out that my cousin with the brain tumor has started to decline.  He was diagnosed about 3 years ago, but I never talked about it here, because he use to read my blog.  Additionally, before now, it wasn’t really news because he was in treatment, and I […]

His Beloved

Clarification: This actually happened last week with the whole John issue, but I felt that this part of the story deserved it’s own blog… Background: For those of you who regularly read my blog, you probably have noticed how much I use the phrase, his beloved. In high school, my parents gave me a purity ring […]


Thankfully, I settled my feelings about John about a week ago.  I wanted to blog about it this weekend, but I was pretty busy, so finally here goes nothing… On Monday, I called one of John’s and I’s mutual friends (or at least in the past. She isn’t currently John’s friend).  I thought she’d be […]