Rut, Sweet Rut.

Let me start off by saying this post will be one the most humiliating (and possibly painful) posts I’ve written in awhile, but I think it is something I need to let out so it can see the light of day.  In the last couple of months, I’ve sort of alluded to a situation that […]

Being here.

I recently wrote about how there is now a possibility of me leaving small-town Louisiana sooner than I thought, but I feel very confident I shouldn’t start packing my bags… I keep thinking about Jeremiah 29 (a place I believe God has brought me), and the very beginning of the passage almost shouts at me: […]

Holy Crap, I’m intimidating!!

At school, one of our assistant principals is pretty much incompetent. He got his job for political reasons (mostly for who he is related to).  He is suppose to be in charge of discipline. (although, everybody sends referrals to other administrators, because he isn’t fair or supportive of teachers. Last semester, he screwed me over […]

Interesting Development

I found out something rather interesting this week, something that could have a pretty big impact on my future, but maybe I should start at the beginning… One of my goals when I moved home was to become financially stable and pay off my student loans. There is a program for teachers in shortage areas, […]

The Nature of God

So this blog is sort of the result of a conversation with a friend, but rather than repeat the whole conversation, I’ll just start with blank thoughts. Also, as usual, I use my blog to vet my own ideas, so I am confident I don’t have this all worked out, and I trust that you, […]

A box

My Aunt Carolyn sent me a package this week. She had told me that she was going to send me a book on grief, but the package was too big for only a book. I let the box just sit there as I didn’t have the courage to open it. And today when I cleaned […]

Meet My Mom

After my blog about my aunt, I feel like I should take some time to write about the people in my life. I normally write just about myself, but these are the people who have helped shape who I am… The stories might be a little long for some of you, but I have to […]

I am woman, hear me roar!

I’m super, super frustrated tonight. Disclaimer: I will apologize in advance for the vagueness, but it is just easier this way… First let me say, I suck at relationships, and not just the romantic kind. I don’t understand people; I don’t understand what they do or what they say. The problem is I’m a total […]