See you later, alligator!

I don’t even think this is worth mentioning, but I’ve decided to take a week off of facebook and xanga. Really, I wanted to do it about a month ago, but I didn’t, and now I feel it is even more necessary. I think I waste a lot of time on internet rather than dealing […]

I Feel His Love

This is probably cheesy, but today I want to share a song with you guys; don’t worry it is NOT of me singing. ha! Music is a very powerful force, and use to, it was something I used to make me go deeper into depression. But now, I like to listen to mostly worship music, […]

Happy Mardi Gras, Xanga!

As most of you don’t know, today is Mardi Gras in South Louisiana, a day of parties, parades, and debauchery. While in reality I’m not celebrating (I never have), I felt it would be culturally relevant to take and share some pics. If I had more time (and hands), I should’ve done a parade with […]

Meet My Grandpa

I’ve been meaning to go back to my series on the people in my life, and I’ve been especially meaning to write about this special person, my Grandpa (maternal grandpa). My Grandpa was born in 1920 in rural Mississippi. His dad was a sharecropper, who died when Grandpa was about 12. There were 11 children […]

Built by God

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been praying for some wisdom, discernment, direction, answers, etc. And God, in typical God fashion, has been silent. Today I was discussing with God my frustration regarding his silence (I’m really mad at him to be very honest about it). This is sorta how the conversation went… Me: […]

Updated: I’m a softy.

This updated edition includes a more recent story from here on xanga; I hope this doesn’t make me a drama queen (or a meanie), but I’m really bothered by this… When it comes to kids (I use the term kids loosely to mean anyone still in school), I give way too much, and they know […]


A couple of weeks ago I accomplished a major feat. I finished the lit review of my masters project. Background: This is the second time I have tried to do this project, and I started it this summer. I spent ALL summer of this project, but didn’t seem to get very far. Then once school […]

The Versatile Blogger Award

Who? me? Why, Thank you, @pickwick12! They love me, they love me, they love me!  Ok. moment over. Now to the important stuff.  Share seven things about yourself. 1. In college, I ran from the police and hid under a car. (I was just shooting fireworks, but it was a scary night!) 2. I have never […]