Fair is Fair

Yesterday, GreekPhysique posted a blog about awkward phases. I got a huge laugh at his awkward photo, and now I feel a little bad laughing at him, so I’ve decided it is only right to share my own awkward photo… As you can see, I was not always the stunning beauty you see standing, correction: […]

A Haunting Story

And rather than be haunted alone, I’d like you to be haunted too. Nice of me, huh? Today was Pro-day for the LSU football team; basically, professional coaches come in and watch college players try-out for the pros. Even though my little brother knows he probably won’t make it, he tried out, and my parents […]

My enemy and I

are one and the same. This is a lyric to a song that really hits home.  As Christians, we believe in Satan, our ultimate enemy that wants nothing less than our soul. But, I imagine that nine times out of ten, his weapons of war are simply ourselves, our thoughts, our tendencies, our desires, our […]

In Search of Style

Ok, this might seem like a shallow post, and a shallow goal, but I have decided that I would like to find some style in my life. I think it sign of my new confidence and a sign of growing up. Previously, I have never felt comfortable in anything that drew attention to myself, especially […]

Loads and Burdens

My thoughts are cloudy today, so bear with me… I had a difficult conversation with a friend today, or at least difficult for me. She is having some problems with her thyroid and wanted to know about my experience. However, that wasn’t the difficult part. She is hyper-sensitive about health issues, and I could tell […]

Humor me

Literally. Recently I’ve been thinking about humor, and especially the role of humor in a relationship. We often talk about compatibility and attraction, but what role does sense of humor play in both of those? For example, with Tushar, his type of humor was a big turn off; he would act very silly and sometimes […]

Not a happy blog.

My week off the internet went pretty well. I wouldn’t say that I completely conquered my issues, but I know it is a process, so baby steps are good enough for me. That said, I think I’ve recognized that I really am having a hard time dealing with Eric’s death.  You know, it is interesting because […]