Exciting Times

Not really, but it is a interesting story. Fun factoid: One of the girls that was fighting is infamous for being a fighter and for being mad at me (both times I’ve had a black eye, the running joke was that she hit me. Actually, her and I’s relationship is so tumultuous, we are pretty […]


Recently, I’ve been overwhelmed by the sadness on Xanga. People overwhelmed by grief, depression, or anger. People battling their own humanity or frailty. People that have been hurt or rejected by others. It is sad. It is really sad. So in response to this sadness, I thought I’d share a little about hope. You see, […]

Love never fails.

Some of you may remember about a month ago, I wrote a blog about being a prude and about a friend that was not listening to my advice about physical touch in her relationship.  Well this weekend, she had a special speaker at church, a Russian Messianic Rabbi. Her and her boyfriend went up for […]

A Solution to the Gender Wars

Next time a person of the opposite sex attacks you or your gender, just ask yourself…  And I think you’ll find the real reason for the gender wars. Because really, isn’t this just old behaviors from elementary school? When a boy pulled your ponytail, he was really just saying he liked you. When a girl […]

A response to AmorVomnia’s NAWALT

Preface: I’m not as informed as most of the men on Xanga that talk about these issues, so I’ll start with my interpretations of their arguments. Please feel free to let me know what I get wrong. I know, it is rather simplified, but I think if you can’t explain something simply then you don’t […]

Ice Pack Pirate

Xanga, look what you have taught me to do! My first meme! So I had eye surgery today to open a clogged tear duct, and I have to keep ice on it for 24 hours. BUT I want to play around on-line, so I’ve tied this ice pack to my face. I call myself the […]

The Glass is Half Full

So you remember last week when I complained about my students? Well, yesterday, a student that is currently failing my class refused to turn over his cell phone, which he had out OPENLY in class. He knows that failure to turn over a cell phone is an automatic suspension, but he simply responded, “I needed […]

Crap, Crap, Crap and big girl panties.

It’s official. I need to lose weight. crap. It all started when my ‘skinny’ jeans stopped fitting, and then some of my work pants were a little more snug, and THEN a bridesmaid’s dress that I bought in December is most definitely TOO tight. Oh crap! I’m not the most healthy person in the world, […]