LKJ inspired!

Most of you know I’m easily amused, but maybe you don’t know HOW easily I’m amused. My humor is probably on level with a 5 year old, if not younger. So I’ve decided to share my favorite Veggie Tales song. My niece and I sang this song all last summer and every time we’d fall […]

Lies and motivations

I’ll never forget the moment I realized life never gets easier. It was my first year in NYC, my first semester at Columbia. I was walking down Broadway, purposefully skipping the subway because I was talking on the phone to my Grandma. I was also hungry, so I was looking for a place to buy […]

I am home.

I don’t know why, but the last couple of weeks, I have really been struck by the feeling that I’m back home. I guess this is such a surprise, because when I was in high school, the ‘ville didn’t feel like home. I didn’t grow up there, and unlike my classmates, I hadn’t known everybody […]

How to have a Civil Debate

First a little personal background… I hate debating. I’m not quite sure what is the source of my hatred, maybe cynicism? maybe skepticism? maybe because I hate confrontation? maybe it is an insecurity? maybe it is simply because I’m not good at it? So 9 times out of 10, I’m not going to start a […]

Bearing Arms… I ain’t scared!

I know some of you were looking forward to a post about alcohol, but another time… As most of you know, I live in South Louisiana, a wildlife paradise. My family lives on 58 acres that is mostly wooded, and there are two creeks on either side. So when you live in the ‘elements’, you […]


As you read this post, just please remember that I’m not perfect and I have room to grow in this area of my life… So, my best friend from high school asked me to be her Maid of Honor, which I found surprising as after high school, we did not really remain friends. We’ve have […]

I AM the drama queen

This summer some of my friends from high school will be putting on some community theater. I’m so excited! I did a lot of drama in high school, but not really since then. I’m also excited because these are the people I always performed with in high school. It is going to be a nice […]

My Price Tag

As of April, I have been single for two years straight. I never had a boyfriend until I was 21, but after that I spent the next four years in some sort of a relationship.  I haven’t been miserable for the past two years, but it is a little scary to face a future of […]

I think it is a sickness

but I’m obsessed with my dog.  I took him Prom this year with me. Wasn’t he cute?!?! And my kids at school all know about him! They come in on Monday and ask, “what did you and Mr Bear do this weekend?” One of my students writes him little notes. Her most recent one said […]

We are losing the war

Despite what you may think, Public school is a war, and it is a war we are losing… This weekend student’s broke into the school and wrote “Class of 2013” on walls and windows. They found out who it was, but they aren’t pressing charges. I realize it was not a ‘serious’ prank and it […]