my internet SUCKS. ugh. Q, will finish it another time… I just think responsibility trumps fairness, and that is what makes a better world

Boy Update Updated

Well I had that conversation with Matthew. It went pretty well. Basically I told him that I didn’t want our relationship just circling while both of us waits for something to happen. He said he is a very go with the flow guy, and I told him that I don’t expect promises or predictions about […]

Boy Update

Well Matthew and I have been seeing each other for about 6 weeks now. I’d say it is going ok. He went to the wedding with me on Saturday, which to me seems like a good sign. We hang out about once a week, but with the distance, it is a little hard to see […]

Maid of Honor Toast

Well my good friend from high school is getting married tomorrow and I’m her maid-of-honor. I have to give a toast at the reception, but the problem is, I’m her friend from high school, I know very little about her and her fiance. My friend suggested that I keep my toast more about love than […]

My life

BBC just did a segment on someone that is moving back to my town. He is related to one the really big, really important families in town, so it is kind of a big deal. He also just wrote a book about his sister, who just died of cancer; she was a local teacher and […]

#10 – My Scarlet Letter

After my post with my 18 truths and 3 lies, I’d like to re-tell the story about when I found out that I was the other woman. Mind you, this story is actually worse than it sounded, so be prepared… Background: I had been living in NYC for about a year, and I had been […]

When I was brave

I spent the weekend in NYC, and for the first time ever, I was afraid. My friend’s apartment was in brooklyn and the first time I had to walk to the subway, I was unnerved. At night, I was bothered by the lights and the noise; I didn’t sleep well the whole time. On Saturday, […]

Let’s not be just friends, girl edition

Most of you have probably read Greek’s blog about guy/girl friendships. Basically, he thinks that guys and girls can be just friends with no romantic complications. Additionally, he thinks these relationships are very important to personal development. (Greek, you can correct me if I’m wrong on that summarization.) I, as usual, find myself on the opposing […]

Sola Fide

More recently I’ve been trying to learn more about Bible Theology, because growing up non-denominational, most of the time people said, “Well I just believe in the Bible.” That is all well and good, but more and more I’m learning that if you don’t have a strong, theologically solid foundation, it is hard to interpret […]