After a whole week of not seeing or hearing from Holly, we talked tonight. It didn’t go very well; it wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t very good either. Background: About two months ago, Holly told me that her boyfriend was going to sleep over. My cousin was around, so my sister and I couldn’t really […]

Breaking up is hard to do

Well, I did it. I told my sister that I didn’t want to continue to live together. It was awful and I am still shaking, but I hope it was the right thing to do. I know it hurt her, but I can’t continue to live like this. She is never here, and I feel […]


For the sake of time, I am not going to give all the background to this issue. Instead, I think I’ll just word vomit about the issues/pain I am experiencing… I really regret continuing to live with my sister, and I am angry with her that she told me she wanted to continue to live […]