Post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving went well enough. There were no fights and my sister was only mildly annoying. I would say I enjoyed 80% of my time. I did feel like people didn’t know what to talk to me about it. Both my sister-in-laws brought up my illness, but it didn’t bother me because they didn’t talk about […]

Twas the night before…

Cody and I are leaving in the am for my family gathering in Lake Tahoe. I’m surprised I can’t sleep, but I think it is just excitement. I’m still disappointed that my parents won’t be joining us, but I do feel better about it. I talked to my parents two days ago, and they explained […]

Illness Update

Two updates about my health… First, I started sleeping when the doctor upped my trazadone to 150 as opposed to 100. But this past weekend, the trazadone was making me sleepy all day long, so I dropped back down to 100. Initially I still slept around 7 hours a night without feeling drowsy the next […]


Dear Family- I’m very sad about the conflict occurring within the family and that we will not be able to enjoy Thanksgiving as a whole family. Emil, Kat, Mom and Dad, I have no comment, nor a side on your current conflict. I think the less people involved in this, the better. Actually, right now […]