Do you ever feel like a little kid playing in your parent’s closet? do you ever feel like you still should be going to the playground and playing pretend? Because I do!  especially this past week . . . everyday I get up, take a shower, iron my shirt, put on my very ugly “corporate” […]

so sorry that it took me a day to upload the pic of the day. I had issues . . . (actually, it was tomasz’s fault, BUT since he did give me a cell phone charger, we can forgive him!  ) well the only thing I have to tell ya’ll is that there is this […]

so I have a very entertaining story for ya’ll. (Be aware of the fact that during the situation, I did NOT think it was very funny! ) Anyway, as most of you did not know, this weekend I went to D.C. I bought a roundtrip ticket from a Chinatown bus company for $35 (which is an […]

ok, so I finally have something to talk about but it is kinda late, and I am afraid I am going to forget. (just like I am afraid that I am going to forget to go to work tomorrow. so if any of you are up, say 7:15 am MY time, give me a call […]

Ok so I apologize for yesterday’s post; it was kind of boring. but just as I started my post my roommate walked in and I kinda felt bad for being on her computer. Anyway, because I felt bad I tried to get off the computer as fast as I could and I can’t be creative in a […]

so I am sooo glad that I am done with my first assignment because guess what? I cut and pasted ALL DAY! Oh well tomorrow I start my new job! WOOHOO! hopefully they will give me something interesting to do. So today I learned the dangers of walking in NYC in heels. coming out of […]

so I have finally made a friend that is MY AGE! I am soo excited!  Her name is Faith and she is from Oklahoma. Anyway, so today we went out on an adventure (she has only been in the city for 1.5 weeks, so she has done less touristy stuff) . . . and we made […]

SOOO . . . I am sorry that I am not updating regularly, but honestly, I am not sure ya’ll (see that my New York friends, now that I have taught YA’LL how to say ya’ll, ya’ll need to learn how to spell it! [awesome it is only the second sentence and I have already […]

ok so it has been awhile, but I have to go to NYU for internet and that is not always easy.  Anyway . . . tons of stuff has happened!  and if I tell ya’ll everything, well, ya’ll would be reading this blog for days!  so I have decided that I will tell one story […]

ok, so I need to know . . . IS ANYBODY OUT THERE!   for the past two days no one has commented on my post.  is anybody reading it? come on guys, I need to hear from my fans! ok, moving on . . . so I am SOO excited.  Jennifer and Brad might be getting […]