Why I’m still angry…

I desperately need to get this off my chest so that I can hopefully sleep tonight… 1. I hate fighting. I hate the tension. I hate the ill-will. It is the most miserable feeling in the whole world. Well I feel like my week was pretty much ruined, because I was fighting with my boyfriend… […]

1st big fight

So my boyfriend and I just had a pretty heated discussion about talking on the phone. He has said from the beginning that he doesn’t like to spend a lot of time of the phone, which I think for the most part, I’m respectful of. However tonight I was particularly needy as he had spent […]


So I’m not going to go into the dirty details, but I’m soo scared that I’m preggers!! Now, let me innumerate why all of this is ridiculous… 1. If I’m, it is completely my fault for: one, having sex; two, not taking my birth control responsibily, and three, for not using a damn condom… 2. […]

I’ll finally admit it.

I not only care nothing for the Olympics, I honestly find them annoying. I’m a person of habit. I like to do the same thing every week and some of those things include my favorite TV programs like the Office, 30 Rock and SNL. This thursday I was so excited about another Office. I had […]

Family Drama: part 5,829

As some of you may know, my family is rather prone to drama mostly because my parents are control freaks. Unfortunately, my little sister is experiencing that right now and I’m stuck in the middle… Background: My little sister has been dating this guy, Daniel, for about 5 months now, and my parents hate him. […]

Thank you.

You really did not have to do that, but thank you. I won’t even attempt to explain the relief that I feel as I know words can’t do it justice, and I’d hate for my poor writing to ruin this. I’m only sorry that I cannot return the favor as I know I can’t say […]

Wow. Wow.

So I’ll keep this short, because my boyfriend is here, and I want to spend time with him… But I just have to share the most bizarre thing; I’m totally freaked. On Tuesday night, I dreamed that me and the wife/”stalker” worked out our issues. I dreamed we sat down and had a conversation about […]