An Ode to My Sister

This is technically going into my “Meet my” series, but I think my sister deserves an extra special edition. Honestly, I hope I can do her and our relationship justice.  Also, clarification, I will be quoting Kelly Clarkson lyrics, and yes, I know they are really about a boy, but I like to sing them […]

Meet My Dad

It has been awhile since I’ve written in my “Meet my” series, so I feel one is overdue. Although considering how large my family is, this series may literally take a lifetime.  My Dad is really my stepdad, but I consider him my dad since he married my mom when I was three and he […]

Meet My Grandpa

I’ve been meaning to go back to my series on the people in my life, and I’ve been especially meaning to write about this special person, my Grandpa (maternal grandpa). My Grandpa was born in 1920 in rural Mississippi. His dad was a sharecropper, who died when Grandpa was about 12. There were 11 children […]

Meet My Mom

After my blog about my aunt, I feel like I should take some time to write about the people in my life. I normally write just about myself, but these are the people who have helped shape who I am… The stories might be a little long for some of you, but I have to […]

Meet My Aunt Linda

I have been wanting to write this blog, since I left my aunt’s house the week after Christmas, and since I’ve been talking about overcoming, I think it would be nice to write about one of my real-life heroes, who has overcome more than most. This aunt is in my Dad’s family (not related to […]